Residential Drug Treatment Center Serving the Eugene, OR, Area

When you’re overcoming an addiction, it’s perfectly okay to ask for a little help. Having others care for you and help you along the path to recovery makes the process easier and the burden lighter.

At Pacific Ridge, we’re here to provide that help with residential addiction recovery treatment. Whether you’re seeking drug, opiate, or alcohol treatment in or near Eugene, Oregon, our team of compassionate staff members will help you recover.

Reliable, Private Residential Rehabilitation Programs

We work with you to address a variety of different addictions, and our friendly staff is fully prepared to guide you through the addiction recovery process. Trust our residential rehabilitation center to serve as a solid foundation for recovery.

Our small facility is secluded in a lovely rural area, providing a comfortable level of privacy for all our patients. On a daily basis, we cultivate a supportive setting with a home-like feeling, and we also provide quality, home-style meals. When patients leave Pacific Ridge, we refer them to outpatient providers who can continue to guide them through recovery.

Let us help you take charge of your life. If you need residential drug treatment or opiate treatment in Eugene, Oregon, call us today. You can reach us at 503-361-7758, or you can email us at