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Confidential Assistance

At this time OHP is NOT Accepted

Visitors are Welcome & Encouraged at Our Alcohol Rehab Center near Salem, OR

Pacific Ridge differs from many residential alcohol and drug treatment programs by recommending family members or other support persons participate in as many treatment activities as possible, including the intake appointment, treatment sessions, and family sessions. There is no extra cost for support person involvement. See below for more information about attending treatment sessions.

There are two times per week when approved visitors may visit – Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-3:30 pm.

Please follow the guidelines below when visiting a resident:

  • To be added to a resident’s approved visitors list you can ask other family members who have been participating in treatment to let the resident know, or you can leave a message for that resident on the answering machine, asking that you be added to their visitor list. The answering machine number is (503) 361-5488.
  • Visitors must sign the visitor’s book every time they come to Pacific Ridge.
  • Visitors must not bring nicotine, candy, beverages, food, cell phones, pets, or other non-allowed items into the facility.
  • Check the treatment program schedule. On the schedule we have many groups that are open for support people to attend (open groups are the shaded areas on the schedule). For people who attend a treatment session, we offer the opportunity for visiting during the break time before or after that treatment session.
  • All sessions start promptly on time, and visitors arriving late will not be allowed to enter. We have this policy because we want to stress that our primary focus is treatment, and family treatment is very important in our program.
  • Children are welcome to attend groups if they are able to benefit from the group and can act appropriately and not distract others. We have no babysitting capacity at Pacific Ridge and children must be supervised by their parents at all times..

To assist family who come from out of town and need lodging, we have arranged a special discounted rate with Shilo Inn on Market Street in Salem. Be sure to tell them you are using the Pacific Ridge discount rate.
Phone: 503/581-4001