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Addiction Recovery Near Portland, OR

Overcoming addiction is a difficult and challenging progress. But for those who also struggle with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and other disorders, recovery from addiction can seem nearly impossible.

At Pacific Ridge, we believe in giving people the help they need to recover from addiction. We offer our alcohol addiction treatment and drug treatment programs to everyone, including patients with mental health challenges, in the Portland, OR, area.

Compassionate Care

Mental illness increases a person’s likelihood of using alcohol, drugs, and other addictive substances, which increases one’s chances of becoming addicted. We at Pacific Ridge believe that treating addiction without treating mental illness is looking at only one half of the issue. While we specialize in addiction treatment, we bring in other experts to help with mental health needs.

Our addiction recovery programs work hand-in-hand with mental health practitioners in the area to improve patients’ overall well-being and garner long-lasting results. We work with licensed mental health care professionals in the Portland, OR, area so patients can work with us as well as experts in psychiatric and behavioral disorders.

Treatments include but are not limited to medication-assisted treatment, traditional therapy, and proven alternatives and lifestyle changes.

At Pacific Ridge, those who struggle with addiction can recover in a safe, comfortable environment where their physical and mental well-being is monitored and valued by trained professionals.

Addiction Recovery

We want everyone who struggles with addiction to achieve success in recovery, and we offer our services to the entire Portland, OR, area. We are located south of Salem, making us conveniently located for people in Eugene, Bend, Roseburg, Grants Pass, and even locations in Washington.

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Let us help you recover from the grip of addiction while also getting help from mental health care practitioners.

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