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Drug Addiction Treatment Programs in Portland, OR

If you or your loved one need drug addiction treatment, Pacific Ridge is here to help. We offer residential treatment programs that help Portland, OR, residents return to a better life.

What Treatments We Offer

Pacific Ridge offers a combination of buprenorphine treatment along with counseling and education groups in order to provide the best chance of recovery. Buprenorphine treatment is approved by the FDA and is used to gradually reduce the patient’s dependence on opiates.

Our short-term residential treatment programs help to increase our patient’s stability and reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and addiction. We provide a caring, supporting, and home-like environment to help our patients feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. We welcome and encourage family involvement during the program as an extra source of support and encouragement.

How We Can Help Your Recovery

The Pacific Ridge facility is located in a secluded area, surrounded by a beautiful view and a calming country setting. Our staff includes many individuals in recovery, who know and understand what you are going through and can help and support you along your own journey to recovery.

Along with our other treatments, we have psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners available to provide assistance in bolstering your mental health.

Start the journey to freedom and health with drug addiction treatment from Pacific Ridge, located near Portland, OR.

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We look forward to helping you regain your life and your health with our residential chemical dependency treatment program.