Do You Ever Hide Your Alcohol or Drug Abuse? — Salem, OR

Posted on: February 16th, 2015 by Pacific Ridge |

People who may have an alcohol or drug problem sometime hide there drinking or use from family and friends.  For example, we some folks will buy two bottles of wine, but keep only one bottle visible on the counter or table.  Then, when they refill there glass, they pour from the second hidden bottle.  That way, it looks like they are still working on their first or second glass of wine, while they are actually polishing off the other bottle.   Beer drinkers keep a large stash of beers in the garage fridge so nobody notices how fast they go through them.  They always seem to have a beer in their hand and nobody can count how often they have a fresh one.

They think that they are keeping their actual consumption a secret.  But they are not fooling anyone.  The only one they are fooling is themselves.  Family and friends know what is going on.

Time to back up and ask yourself, “Why am I hiding my drinking?”  “Why am I hiding my drug use?”  The answer is self evident.  If you think you are drinking or using too much, then it is time for a change.  And once you make that decision, you have taken the first step to improving your life and your relationship with your family and friends.

Once you take that first step, call us.  We are experts at helping you get through the process.  We wrote the book on how to succeed with your decision to get off the alcohol or drugs and help you to learn how to live without them.

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