Fortify Yourself against Alcohol & Drug Abuse this Holiday Season near Salem, OR

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The holidays are right around the corner.  This is a dangerous time for those who have a problem with alcohol.  The holidays bring lots of added stress.  Planning, traveling, being with extended family member, it all adds to up and could make one more susceptible to drinking more that one should.  The holidays also bring more social occasions with opportunities to drink.   With this in mind, here are a few suggestions to help you, your guests  and your family get through the holidays without succumbing to alcohol’s siren song:

Just say no – If you don’t drink at all, you won’t have a problem.

Yeah right.  Sounds way too simple, yet for some it could be the hardest thing that they have ever done.  You may have tried this without success, but don’t give up.  Try it again.  Once you succeed the first time, the next time will be a little bit easier.  And over time, it gets easier still.

Remember alcohol’s place  –  It compliments other activities.  And it is optional.

Drinking is not the reason for getting together.  It is there to compliment other events.  It is an option; not a requirement.  For Example, a glass of wine with dinner.  A cold beer while you are sitting around after work.  The drink enhances the occasion; it is not the reason for it.  For some, this is a difficult concept to understand.

Give yourself a limit and stick to it.

If you go to a party, decide beforehand how many drinks you are going to have and stick to it.  For some, it takes self control.  For others, the number of drinks is zero and has to be.  (See above.)

Simple and obvious ideas to consider.  However, if you keep them in mind, you will stand a better chance of getting through the holidays without regrets.

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