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Alcohol and drug addictions cause significant problems on their own. However, sometimes addiction doesn’t explain all of the challenges an individual goes through. Many struggle to overcome an addiction because of an existing mental illness. Similarly, those with addictions may develop mental illnesses in response to their dependency.

If you or a loved one experiences mental health problems along with addiction, trust Pacific Ridge’s mental health care and addiction recovery program to deliver results. At Pacific Ridge, we employ a combination of best practices, including medication assisted treatment for mental health issues, to ensure all residents have treatment options that match their specific needs.

Rely on Our Compassionate Care

Pacific Ridge knows our residents need trained, experienced, and empathetic professionals to make a successful recovery possible. We contract with mental health care practitioners around the Salem and Portland, OR, areas who are experts in psychiatric and behavioral disorders. With their help, patients can address both sides of their dual diagnosis and progress towards full recoveries.

Many of the surrounding mental health centers and hospitals from Eugene to Bend to Portland, OR, regularly refer their patients to Pacific Ridge due to our dual focus on physical and mental health. Our trained staff can monitor patients’ addiction and emotional recovery, watching for signs of improvement and caringly pointing out areas where residents can improve.

Use Our Resources to Experience Lasting Results

Pacific Ridge makes it possible for anyone to turn life around. Our relaxed facilities provide a calming atmosphere where individuals going through withdrawals or mental health issues can find peace. Our individualized treatment programs allow our residents to detox easily so they can have the energy to focus on their emotional stability.

During our 20 years in business, Pacific Ridge has helped dozens thousands of individuals in the Salem and Portland, OR, area. If you or a family member need care for alcohol or drug problems and may have a mental health condition as well, contact us today. You can call 503/361-7758 to receive confidential assistance or to schedule a stay.

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