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Prescription Pills Treatment

Addiction of any kind can be difficult to overcome, and recovering on your own can be even harder. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, turn to the compassionate, friendly team at Pacific Ridge. We offer rehabilitation programs near Portland, OR, for a number of addictions, including prescription pills.

To help our patients recover quietly in our licensed residential detox and treatment center, we provide confidential prescription pills treatment. Our facility is around an hour away from Portland, OR, and we willingly help patients from Washington, Oregon, and other states.

We Care About Our Patients

Our goal is to provide patients with a strong start to recovery, and our private prescription pills treatment programs are customized to suit each individual patient. We’re dedicated to your success, and our staff is heavily involved in your recovery so you can more easily reach your goals. If needed, we can also prescribe safe detox medications, such as Suboxone.

When you work with the team at Pacific Ridge, you can expect kindness, understanding, and gentle care. We’re here to help, and we’ll never do anything to discourage you from your recovery. And while we promise confidentiality, we do encourage you to have your family and friends attend group sessions with you, at no charge, to help you better overcome your addiction.

We Serve Portland, Eugene, Salem, and Surrounding Areas

As you participate in our inpatient rehabilitation program, we’re sure you’ll feel at home in our cozy treatment center. We also have a breathtaking view of the Willamette Valley to give you a break from crowded and cramped city life. Once you’ve successfully completed our inpatient program, we’ll recommend high-quality outpatient programs in your area to help you stay on track.

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