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Residential Opiate Treatment

When you’re struggling with an opiate dependency, turn to Pacific Ridge for high-quality, compassionate opiate treatment in Jefferson, OR. The staff at Pacific Ridge is highly experienced in helping others overcome addiction, and we’re involved in every step of the recovery process.

You don’t have to face an addiction on your own; our team is ready and willing to provide the help you need. Our patients are our number-one concern, and we customize treatment plans to suit each patient. Our facility is also cozy and secluded, so you can recover quietly and privately.

Helping Residents in Portland, Eugene, and Salem

We understand how difficult overcoming addiction can be, and we’ll keep the details of your condition and treatment completely confidential. If you’d like family and friends to visit, they’re absolutely free to come and participate in your treatment. Should you need a little extra help detoxing, our staff can also prescribe safe medications to help you along.

Our facility offers mainly inpatient programs, and once you’ve finished your treatment, we can help you find an outpatient program near your residence to help you further conquer your addiction. We’re only an hour drive from Portland, OR, and we offer a spectacular view of the Willamette Valley. To best help our patients, we also offer our treatment programs at affordable prices.

Providing Only the Best in Addiction Recovery

We’ve been helping others with their addictions for many years, and we know how to treat a variety of dependencies. We take pride in offering kind, personable service, and we know what steps and processes will best help our patients progress and succeed.

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to learn more about our programs and opiate treatment in Jefferson, OR. We look forward to helping you in any way we can.