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Marijuana has the reputation for being a harmless drug. Because the plant grows naturally and due to its legalization in a few states, including Oregon, many believe that smoking marijuana won’t lead to any long-lasting side effects.

But despite this reputation, marijuana alters brain chemicals and sometimes leads to addiction. Studies show that marijuana use can exacerbate mental illnesses and increase the risk of chronic bronchitis, cardiovascular disease, and similar health conditions.

In addition, emergency room visits and driving fatalities have increased in states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

If you struggle with marijuana use, come to Pacific Ridge. Our marijuana rehab center near Portland, Oregon can help you start your road to recovery.

Recover in a Comfortable Environment

At Pacific Ridge, we understand the pain, confusion, and suffering that occurs during withdrawals. We also know that you may have tried to kick the addiction on your own, time and time again, and these failed attempts only lead to frustration and stress.

To give you a fighting chance, we provide a safe haven for anyone who comes for MJ rehab. Our Oregon center has gorgeous views of Willamette Valley, and we take care to create a comfortable, homey atmosphere for our patients.

When you come to us for treatment, we’ll tailor our program to fit your needs and goals, and you’ll take an active part in your recovery. Your loved ones can visit you and participate in your treatment. We have a certified physician and two psychiatric mental health practitioners who will monitor your care.

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Our locally owned marijuana rehab facility sits on 18 acres in the country. We offer a variety of recreational activities to keep you occupied and engaged, such as hiking, volleyball, Frisbee golf, and horseshoes.

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Keep in mind that we accept referrals from experts throughout Oregon, and we are not state-funded, which means our residents must want to come here and accept treatment voluntarily.